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中華民國國家標準 -台灣
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CNS standards english version list (Taiwan)

CNS Standard is abbreviation of Chinese National Standard, the National Standards of the Republic of China (Taiwan) ; They are administered by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. These standards are divided into 26 numbered categories. The English versions CNS standards were translated directly from the openly-published Chinese CNS standard , in case of any divergence of interpretation, the Chinese versions CNS standards text shall prevail.
CNS 3589 - R2077 - English Version
Air-Entraining Additions for Use in The Manufacture of Air-Entraining
輸氣卜特蘭水泥製造用輸氣添加劑 - 英文版
CNS 10126 - R2170 - English Version
Tube Bottle for Injections
注射劑用管玻璃瓶 - 英文版
CNS 11119 - M3177 - English Version
Method of Test for Shatter Indices of Coke
焦炭墜落強度檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 14118 - Z2114 - English Version
Emergency shut-off valves for nature gas with high pressure and intermediate pressure
高、中壓天然氣用緊急遮斷閥 - 英文版
CNS 3242 - R2062 - English Version
Porcelain Combustion Boats for Chemical Analysis
化學分析用瓷燒舟 - 英文版
CNS 13579 - Z2110 - English Version
Fire Hydrant Valves
消防栓閥 - 英文版
CNS 10945 - M3160 - English Version
Method of Test for Cubic Meter Weight of Crushed Bituminous Coal
煉焦用細碎煙煤容積比重測定法 - 英文版
CNS 13229 - Z2101 - English Version
Slowly Descending Devices
緩降機 - 英文版
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CNS 12991 - Z2099 - English Version
Remote filling units for liquefied petroleum gas automobile
液化石油氣汽車用加氣接頭 - 英文版
CNS 3590 - R3075 - English Version
Method of Test for Normal Consisteney of Hydraulic Cement
水硬性水泥之正常稠度檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 6892 - X4001 - English Version
Information Processing-General Purpose Hubs and Reels, with 76 mm (3in) Centrehole, for Magnetic Tape Used in Interchange
資訊處理-儀器互換用76mm(3in)孔之磁帶盤軸 - 英文版
CNS 6895 - X4004 - English Version
Information Processing-Reels and Cores for 25.4 mm (1 in) Perforated Paper Tape for Information Interchange-Dimensions
資訊處理-資訊交換用25﹒4mm(1in)穿孔磁帶 - 英文版
CNS 12927 - Z2092 - English Version
65mm Portable Fire Water Driven Automatic Oscillating Fire Monitor
可移動式65mm雙入水口自動搖擺消防水瞄 - 英文版
CNS 6896 - X4005 - English Version
Information Processing - General Purpose Reels with 8mm (5/16 in) Centre Hole for Magnetic Tape for Interchange Instrumentation
資訊處理-儀器互換用8mm(5/16in)孔磁帶捲 - 英文版
CNS 7219 - X5002 - English Version
Information Processing - Representation of 6 and 7 Bit Coded Character Sets on Punched Tape
資訊處理-孔帶上碼字元集(組)之表示法(六與七數元 - 英文版
CNS 9982 - X5010 - English Version
Data Processing - Implementation of 7-Bit ant 8-Bit Coded Character Sets on Punched Cards
資訊處理-孔卡上碼字元集(組)表示法(七與八數元) - 英文版
CNS 10120 - M3121 - English Version
Method for Determining Water Content in Natural and Artificial
天然及人造冰晶石與工業用氟化鋁中水定量法(電計滴定 - 英文版
CNS 5146 - Z9005 - English Version
Light Sources for Use in Sensitometric Exposure - Simulation of the Spectral Distribution of Daylight
感光計曝光用之光源-模擬日光光譜分佈 - 英文版
CNS 13164 - Z8118 - English Version
Method of Tension Shear Test for Spot Welded Joints 13165
點熔接接合之拉剪試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 6614 - R3093 - English Version
Method of Test for Average Linear Thermal Expansion of Glass
玻璃之平均線膨脹係數檢驗法 - 英文版
CNS 12677 - Z8096 - English Version
Method of Test for Qualification Procedure of Radiographic Testing Technique of Welds
熔接縫放射線透射試驗技術檢定之試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 12806 - Z8098 - English Version
Method of Bend Test for T Type Fillet Welded Joint
T形填角熔接接合之彎曲試驗法 - 英文版
CNS 10124 - M3125 - English Version
Method for Determining Sulphur Content in Natural and Artificial
天然及人造冰晶石與工業用氟化鋁中硫定量法(X射線螢 - 英文版
CNS 12846 - Z8100 - English Version
Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Testing by Trace Probe Method
氦質譜儀示蹤氣探針探漏法 - 英文版
CNS 12847 - Z8101 - English Version
General Rules for Visual Testing
目視檢測法通則 - 英文版
CNS 1183 - R2042 - English Version
Laminated glass
膠合玻璃100 - 英文版
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CNS 12994 - Z8104 - English Version
Method of Determination for total Carbon Content of Hardmetals (Gravimetric Method)
超硬合金全碳量測定法(重量法) - 英文版
CNS 2176 - R2043 - English Version
Thermal Insulation Material Made of Calcium Silicate
矽酸鈣保溫材料 - 英文版
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CNS 12996 - Z8106 - English Version
Method of Determination for Contents of Metallic Elements of Hardmetals by X-Ray Fluorescence (Fusion Method)
超硬合金金屬元素含量測定法-X射線螢光分析法(熔融 - 英文版
CNS 13000 - Z8110 - English Version
Method of Transverse Rupture Strength Test for Hardmetals
超硬合金橫向破壞強度試驗法 - 英文版

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