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GB standards are the China national standards; Prefix code GB are Mandatory standards, GB/T are Recommended standards; All products or service must be compliance with GB standards; If you want to export products or services to huge Chinese market, need ensure they are meet the requirements of GB china national standards;  We provide Chinese GB standards and English version GB standards  Lookup, Translate, Download, Imported Commodity GB standards Testing and Compliance review services.
  •  China "Metallurgy" GB Standards List:
  • Standard  Code GB Standard Title Standard Class Order
  • GB 32033-2015
  • The norm of energy consumption per unit products for mineral processing and Metallurgy of gold China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 31050-2014
  • Energy efficiency test methods for Metallurgy cranes China National Standards
  • GB/T 29523-2013
  • Safety specification for zinc smelting(hydroMetallurgy China National Standards
  • GB/T 29522-2013
  • Safety specification for zinc smelting (pyroMetallurgy) China National Standards
  • GB/T 2688-2012
  • Plain bearing - Technical specification of powder Metallurgy bearing China National Standards
  • JC/T 2142-2012
  • Magnesium oxide ceramic for Metallurgy China Building Materials Standards
  • GB/T 4309-2009
  • Classification and designation for powder Metallurgy materials China National Standards
  • GB/T 2006-2008
  • Coke for Metallurgy - Determination of mechanical strength China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 3500-2008
  • Powder Metallurgy - Vocabulary China National Standards
  • GB/T 1467-2008
  • Method for chemical analysis of Metallurgy product - General rules and regulations China National GB Standards
  • TB/T 3005-2008
  • Power Metallurgy brake shoes for locomotive China Railway & Train Standards
  • GB/T 19743-2005
  • Water atomized pure iron powder and alloyed steel powder for powder Metallurgy China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 1996-2003
  • Coke for Metallurgy China National GB Standards
  • TB/T 1842.1-2002
  • Powder Metallurgy slider for electric locomotive power collector slider China Railway & Train Standards
  • GB/T 2005-1994
  • Coke for Metallurgy--Determination of coke breeze content and size consist China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 14667.1-1993
  • Powder Metallurgy iron base structural materials--Part 1:Sintering iron,sintering carbon-steel,sintering copper-steel,sintering copper-modenim-steel China National GB Standards
  • GB/T 12767-1991
  • Powder Metallurgy products--Surface roughness--Parameters and their values China National GB Standards
  • TB/T 2198-1991
  • (Forward-type steam locomotive powder Metallurgy cylinder piston ring (outer petals) and technical conditions of the type size) China Railway & Train Standards
  • GB/T 6974.16-1986
  • Lifting appliances--Vocabulary--Metallurgy cranes China National Standards

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