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GB standards are the China national standards; Prefix code GB are Mandatory standards, GB/T are Recommended standards; All products or service must be compliance with GB standards; If you want to export products or services to huge Chinese market, need ensure they are meet the requirements of GB china national standards;  We provide Chinese GB standards and English version GB standards  Lookup, Translate, Download, Imported Commodity GB standards Testing and Compliance review services.
  •  China "bidirectional" GB Standards List:
  • Standard  Code GB Standard Title Standard Class Order
  • GB/T 26949.7-2016
  • Industrial trucks—Verification of stability—Part 7: bidirectional and multidirectional trucks bidirectional
    China National Standards
  • YD/T 2759-2014
  • (10Gbit/s single fiber bidirectional optical transceiver module) bidirectional
    China Telecommunication Standards
  • YD/T 2447-2013
  • IP network reliability. Technical requirements for bidirectional forwarding detection bidirectional
    China Telecommunication Standards
  • GB/T 29230.1-2012
  • Opto-electronic-opto bidirectional wavelength converter for plastic optical fiber transmission system - Part 1: Wavelength converter between 650nm and 1550nm (or 1310nm or 850nm) of 100Mbps ethernet bidirectional
    China National Standards
  • GB/T 13150-2005
  • Semiconductor devices Discret devices Blank detail specification for bidirectional triode thyristors(triacs),ambient and case-rated,for currents greater than 100A bidirectional
    China National GB Standards
  • SJ 50033/162-2003
  • Semiconductor discrete device. Detail specification of type 2CW1022 for silicon bidirectional voltage regulator diodes bidirectional
    China Electronics Standards
  • GB/T 6590-1998
  • Semiconductor devices--Discrete devices--Part6:Thyristors--Section Two:Blank detail specification for bidirectional triode thyristors(triacs),ambient or case-rated,up to 100A bidirectional
    China National Standards
  • TB/T 2585-1995
  • (ST & sub1; -600 bidirectional brake shoe clearance adjustment test bench technical conditions) bidirectional
    China Railway & Train Standards
  • SJ 20101-1992
  • Switches, code, indicating wheel (Printed circuit) (pushbutton, bidirectional, sealed or unsealed, EMI/RFI shielded, illuminated and nonilluminated0 style KLC18, Detail specification for bidirectional
    China Electronics Standards
  • TB 2130.7-1990
  • (Train dispatching calls. bidirectional repeaters technical requirements and test methods) bidirectional
    China Railway & Train Standards
  • TB/T 1899-1987
  • (ST1-600 bidirectional brake shoe clearance adjuster) bidirectional
    China Railway & Train Standards
  • SJ 2435.1-1984
  • bidirectional bonding sheet bidirectional
    China Electronics Standards
  • SJ 2435.4-1984
  • bidirectional bonding sheet in a straight line bidirectional
    China Electronics Standards
  • SJ 2435.3-1984
  • bidirectional align bonding sheet bidirectional
    China Electronics Standards
  • SJ 2435.2-1984
  • bidirectional bonding sheet with tacit tooth bidirectional
    China Electronics Standards

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