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  •  China "monomers" Industry Standards English PDF List:
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    QC/T 1156-2021 Recycling and utilization of vehicle power battery - Technical specification for dismantling of monomers {译}
    车用动力电池回收利用 单体拆解技术规范
    China Automobile Industry Standards

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    SN/T 3600-2013 Determination of residual monomers and other volatile low-molecular-mass compounds in raw rubber. Dynamic headspace-gas chromatography method
    生胶中残留单体和其他挥发性低分子量化合物的测定 动态顶空-气相色谱法
    China Import Export Inspection Standards

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    SH/T 1760-2007 Determination of residual monomers and other organic components in synthetic rubber lattices by capillary-column gas chromatography-direct liquid injection method
    合成橡胶胶乳中残留单体和其他有机成分的测定 毛细管柱气相色谱 直接液体进样法
    China Petrochemical Industry Standards

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